Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is all about exploring the world of fashion by the aesthetics of fashion photography. It’s a genre of photography which mainly focuses on clothing and other fashion accessories. In fact, fashion photography is an incredible medium to promote a brand and exclusive collections of clothing by displaying those on models or celebs.

Fashion photography is the key to a successful portfolio of many models. Fashion photographers are the one who passionately works behind the lens is showcasing fashion apparels and accessories in the way that they appear even the more enticing. Fashion photography has been able to set benchmarks in the segment of Beauty, clothes, models, accessories, etc. using technologies and skills, Right from choosing exotic locations, storylines, background, photographer’s tricks, and techniques during fashion photography infuses life in the static photo shoot.
There are various styles to the fashion photography genre such as Editorial, catalogue, high fashion, and street. Street fashion photography is the latest addition in this category and is gaining prominence owing to its simplicity and connectivity with commoners. Catalogue and Street style fashion photography are quite distinguishable, whereas Editorial and high fashion photography are quite similar in style.

Editorial fashion photography

This kind of photography is featured in fashion magazines, books, posters, etc. The styling here plays the lead role, and the story runs through the photo shoot. Different stories, articles, publications, and ideas are combined with visual content, which is further published. Editorial/ fashion models are photographed throughout the day on different locations and in different wardrobes. The storyline of the fashion photoshoot is explained to the model, and he/she is responsible for enacting the role given to them via expressions. The idea behind such a shoot is to create a powerful statement regarding the product. All the details of editorial photo shoots are essential right from the hairdo to the makeup and from clothing to the photography props and locations. These photo shoots are rarely done with the white or plain background.

High Fashion photography

Often the big brands and label advertise their products using high fashion photography for which different models are chosen. This kind of photography revolves around supermodels, celebrities be it actors, singers or reality TV show personality. High fashion models chosen for the product has certain prerequisites to qualify. The clothes and the accessories showcased in this photo shoots are often at bay from reality. The designer uses the model to showcase their creativity to their clients. The apparels and accessories of the models are exaggerated and extraordinarily designed to grab the attention of the selected audience. Over-the-top lighting, location, hair-do, styling, wardrobe, and the location works together to create flawless images of the model, which are further published for big fashion brand’s promotion. This, in other words, is purely fashion and glamour photography away from reality.

Catalogue photography

Print media companies use this style of photography. The product images are printed to market them to their clients. The informational pictures clicked under this style where the model is made to pose against a specific background and the clothing or the accessories that have to be promoted can be seen In the photo shoot. The styling here takes the back seat, and the background usually is white or grey. The photographs are clicked in such a manner that every detail of the clothes is visible. Photo shoot for this category is usually done in the studio or any other location ideal for the same. Professional Portfolio Maker and fashion photographers alone can do justice to these kinds of photo shoots.

Street fashion photography

Street Fashion Photography is the most relatable kind of photography. In this style, the essence of fashion that exists on the street captured. It showcases what typical people wear, how they can see the style, and how their regular clothes make the fashion statement. The photoshoot is usually done outside the studios, and the photography revolves around daily chores like walking on the street with various shopping bags and wearing trendy clothes. This kind of fashion model photography highlights the trend in the real world.

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